Koya University is located in the city of Koya (Koysinjaq), which is 1.0 hr drive to the East of the Kurdistan Region capital Erbil (Erbil, Hewlér, EBL) in Kurdistan Region of F. R. of Iraq. It is on the foothills of beautiful high mountain. Its campus has been carefully laid out to embrace the beautiful mountainous nature.

The Koya University was established in 2003 and has developed noticeably. In 2010, Koya University was restructured from colleges to faculty systems to enhance the interactions between similar academic fields. Today the University has four faculties and two schools,  
-Engineering, Sciences and Health, Humanities and Social Sciences and Education, school of medicine and sport.  The university’s ambition to establish medical education roots in its historical connection with unique excellence education field as well as a genuine needs of the region. This falls nicely with complex health services in Koya city ( Shahid Dr. Khalid teaching hospital, Radiology centre, Rheumatology and rehabilitation centre, Forensic centre and Primary health centres)