WORLD CANCER DAY 2021 workshop by school of medicine

in the event of World Cancer Day at 4th of February 2021, the school of medicine held a workshop on cancer talking about different types of malignancies discussing the methods of diagnosis, staging, treatment and prevention, was done  in the presidency hall in koya university in the presence of Dr Wali the head of Koya university
the speakers are in order:
1-Dr Dawan Hawezy general surgery specialist-Master degree, head of school of medicine. topic about world cancer day and breast Ca
2-Dr Waleed Baqer Hasan general surgery specialist-PhD degree, topic about colorectal ca
3-Dr. Araz Shekhany, general surgery specialist - Master degree,
topic about carcinoma of stomach
4-Dr. Hoshmand Jamal, orthopedic surgeon - Master degree, topic about bone cancer
5-Dr. Raneen Saeed Al-obaidi, Radiology specialist- PhD degree, topic about role of imaging in cancer management.

Covid-19 and it's relation to diabetes and hypertension

posted Mar 13, 2021, 2:23 AM by School of Medicine

On 9th march 2021 a group of students of Koya university-school of medicine did a project under the name (Covid-19 and it's relation to diabetes and hypertension) the aim of the project was to raise awareness about diabetes, hypertension and the risks that related to Covid-19 they also did tests and basic check up voluntarily for people in koya-city center, the tests were (blood sugar ,blood pressure, blood group and BMI) they targeted around 350 people in the project, they also collected data from them to do more research about it.

physiology clinical examination

posted Feb 22, 2021, 6:25 AM by School of Medicine

saturday 20-feb-2021 midterm clinical physiological examination done for second stage students in school 
the examination was under supervision of dr. dawan hawezy head of the school 
the goal of these types of examination to encourage the students to know details of clinical physiological tests 

covid-19 workshop

posted Feb 22, 2021, 5:24 AM by School of Medicine

its been more than a year passed on the covid 19 pandemic. while everybody was waiting for vaccines to be released and return life back to normal, there are emergence of different variants of the virus and rumours about ineffectiveness of the vaccines. at 15th of February, the school of medicine held a workshop aiming to answer lots of questions and giving updates on this topic. the workshop entitled " the variants of covid-19 and the avaliable vaccines", hosted by Dr.Hoshmand Jamal and thw respected speakers were: assist. lec. Zaytoon Dr. Hemn Rasool Dr. Hersh Nafeh there was high number of attendance
the attendees were from in and outside the university.
his excellency, Dr. Wali was among the participants, along with all the teachers and students.
the speakers emphasised on the importance of individual protective measures, because " no one is safe, until everyone is safe"

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